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Rollators* Handicap Fitness Walker* Best handicapped Rollator*Wheelchair Exercise Equipment.
Advantages of High-End Fitness Walkers (Rollators)




Rollators* Handicap Fitness Walker* Best handicapped Rollator*Wheelchair Exercise Equipment.

The Rollator has been in use in Scandinavian and European countries for many years, but has only recently become popular in the United States. A Rollator is best described as a standard walker on wheels. Various other names describe the same product ie Rolling Walker, Walker with Wheels or Fitness Walker.

Depending upon the producer of the Rollator or Fitness Walker the wheels come in different sizes. However, in general, four larger wheels in turn replace two smaller wheels and two posts of a walker. The handles of a Fitness Walker typically feature caliper brakes or ‘hand brakes’. The user can squeeze these hand brakes to lock the wheels in place, or release them to continue walking. There are special Rollators made by various companies that work the handles whereby when squeezing the Walker is released and when the handles are released the unit will stop. This is especially useful for Parkinson’s patience whereby the unit needs to be ‘parked’ when standing in position and before proceeding to walk.

A Fitness Walker typically contains a larger basket for storage purposes, along with a canvas seat and back between the handles. The handle frame on some models also serves as the back for relaxing. This seat and back allows users to take short rest breaks when desired. The storage area of a Fitness Walker is often larger and more stable than the wire basket of a standard walker

Another major advantage is that with a collapsible design, a Fitness Walker can also be folded and stored in a car's trunk or rear seat. Standard walkers can be folded into thirds, but they lose the compact folding ability of a Fitness Walker.

It is very important to consult your doctor when considering the purchase of a Fitness Walker as long-term studies are limited as to it’s long effect on the body. As each individual disability is unique and research is limited it is up to the patient with their doctor’s advice to assess the effects on the body of various Rollators or Fitness Walkers. This is especially important for patients recovering from various surgeries as proper exercise and walking styles must be adhered to.

A Fitness walker promotes a healthier state-of-mind and the ability to stay independent while achieving a certain level of exercise for the body.

As a good  Fitness Walker  bears a good portion of the person’s weight at hip level, much of the stress is taken off the ankles and knees while walking. At this point it is critical to have a Fitness Walker that promotes the body’s natural walking motion.

One particularly good  Rollator (Fitness Walker)  we have found is the 

Volaris S7 Fitness Walker

Rollators * Handicap Fitness Walker * Best handicapped Rollator * Wheelchair Exercise Equipment * Volaris S7

The X-foldable construction facilitates fast fold up even when moving and makes this Rollator (Fitness Walker) stand steady in folded position. It can access bathroom stalls and other tight areas as the folded with is apprx 12-13”.  This means that the Volaris S7 Fitness Walker  requires less space and is easy to transport. As both the seat and the handles are easily vertically adjustable, the sole version of the Fitness Walker is suitable for wide variety of users. It is also made up of Ultra high grade aluminum for lightweight properties and high strength composite material on the handles, seat and other connecting parts for long lasting use.

Main specifications of the Volaris S7 are:

  • Weight of 7.2kg (16lbs)
  • Width < 59cm (23.25”)
  • Height 75-95cm (29.5"-37.40")
  • User weight max 140kg (308lbs)
  • Folded 9.1" (W) x 27.60" (L) x 29.50" - 37.40" (H)
  • Hand Brakes part of grip handles (Dual wheel locks)

    There is also a new high-end Fitness Walker called the

    Trionic All-Terrain Walker

    Rollators * Handicap Fitness Walker * Best handicapped Rollator * Wheelchair Exercise Equipment * Trionic Walker

    This Fitness Walker is new state of the art fitness equipment and a Rollator for the active user all in one.  The Trionic All-Terrain Walker offers increased access to most any outdoor environment. This mobility apparently comes from it’s patented Trionic climbing wheel with ability to climb up to 5” curbs or obstacles.  It is made up of T-6000 aircraft aluminum for strength.

    Main specifications of the Trionic All-Terrain Walker are:


  • Weight of under 12kg (26lbs)
  • Width < 76cm (30”)
  • Height 76-94cm (30"-37")
  • User weight max 150kg (330lbs)
  • Folded 16.5" (W) x 41.73" (L) x 29.50" - 29.92" (H)
  • Single Hand Brake Modification available to Mount left, right or  or center (Operates Both Brakes) with dual wheel locks

    Regardless of your reasons for choosing a Fitness Walker (Rollator), you owe it to yourself to check out the high-end market as well.

    Rollators* Handicap Fitness Walker* Best handicapped Rollator*Wheelchair Exercise Equipment.
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