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A to Z Categories

A to Z Categories

Benefits of an Electric Mobility Scooters

Mobility Scooters for Handicapped People

Confinement can be the most depressing situation that handicapped individuals can experience. Nobody wants to stay inside four walls for a long time, especially when it isn’t necessary. Devices like walkers are a great tool for those with balance issues or needing more support. For those who need more than just a walker to get around, especially for longer distances, there are many electric mobility scooters on the market.

Some of the many benefits of owning an Electric Mobility Scooter include:

  • Independence. Electric mobility scooters are designed to provide disabled people with a safe mode of transportation to the nearest store, park or community building. They give individuals a way to get around to places they need or want to go. No one wants to stay inside four walls for a long time when it isn't necessary, that can get depressing. No longer is the "Big Box Store" inaccessible. Daily tasks around town to get errands done is possible. Whether it's to help with shopping, going out and about, or for a walk with your children or grandchildren. Not to mention, the park can be easier to access as well. Even getting the mail or newspaper can seem simple again. There are also different storage and cargo options available for shopping bags or any items you need to carry with you.
  • Prevention of Falls. When an individual's body is tired or weak they are more prone to fall. Walkers are great, but they can only do so much. Mobility scooters are great for those who need more help getting around and going longer distances. People no longer have to push their own limits of mobility and risk an injury or falling.
  • Physical Exertion is becoming more challenging. Mobility scooters can help save an individuals energy when exertion is a challenge. Scooters are a great mobility tool for individuals who have weak upper body strength, disabilities in the upper body or legs, or oxygen tanks to haul around. They help to keep individuals mobile who would not otherwise be.
  • Faster healing and recovery. Everyone needs time to recovery after an injury or illness. A mobility scooter can help you stay mobile, but allow for healing as it helps keep strain off of the body, muscles, and joints. Scooters also allow for individuals to go out for a nice breath of fresh air. 

These battery-operated mobiles can be 4-Wheel Travel Scooters, 4-Wheel Full-Size Scooters, Folding Mobility Scooters, and All-Terrain Scooters. They have the general idea of easy operation with the digital panel system, controls system and assembly system. Most scooters run at the speed of 10 miles per hour, have double-disc break systems, and provide emergency break lock without roll-back on inclined surfaces. Headlight dimming and blinking mirrors are useful for signaling, while the multi-functional display panel shows information and a malfunction message. Wheels are made of aluminum alloy and are foam filled so that flatting is not an issue. Seat upgrades are available, which includes armrests, belts, and full-circle swivel. Did you know there are even different scooters that can accommodate different weight capacities? There are scooters that are suitable for up to 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, and 500 pounds.

Also, many heavy-duty-high-weight options available.


4-Wheel Travel Scooters

These electric mobility scooters are lightweight and can be transported more easily than heavy duty scooters.The MiniRider (Pictured in blue) is a compact scooter that you do not have to take apart to load, just fold it. It’s feaatures a deep seat cushion and has two flip-up arm that are adjustable for maximum comfort. 

 zipr4-2520hybrid-2520xtra-01-82724.1393031993.1280.1280.jpg  zipr-mobility-breeze1.png ev-riderexpress.jpg

4-Wheel Full-Size Scooters

The design of this mobility scooter has been implemented with the best ergonomics and technology usually found only in the heavy mobility scooter category. These mobility scooters allow for perfect mobility around town, on sidewalks, and convenient maneuvering in shopping centers. The Afiscooter C4 (Pictured in red) is appropriate for both - indoor and outdoor use. It also comes in a variety of colors: Metallic Silver, Cherry Red or Metallic Blue.

ev-rider-royale-iv-wheels-capt-seat-84714.1392094301.1280.1280.jpg  c4-red-2-75121.1474319835.500.659.jpgheartway-royale.jpg

Folding Mobility Scooters

Ready for transport and easily folded and perfect for the active traveler. Disassembly is a snap, these foldable scooters were designed for your active lifestyle. These scooters are super portable and great space savers! The TranSport Foldable scooter (Pictured in blue) is super portable and a great space saver! is sleek, stylish and extremely easy to operate.It features a weight capacity of 250 lbs. and a top speed of 4 mph. 

transport-side-2-49071.1421821534.1280.1280.png s21-1-17789.1465343539.1280.1280.jpg  s19-93821.1445614964.1280.1280-61659.1472866069.500.659.jpg  

All-Terrain Scooters

More rugged than traditional electric mobility scooters, these scooters will get you around! The rugged ShopRider Sprinter XL3 Deluxe (Pictured in red), Heavy Duty 3-Wheel Electric Mobility Scooter, with a 2.0 hp motor provides a 500lb weight capacity. The Afiscooter S4 4-Wheel Mobility scooter (Pictured in gray) offers an impressive driving range of approximately 28 Miles! It's ergonomic design makes your ride more comfortable.

heute-76042.1476815119.500.659.jpg  afiscooter-s-3w-s-front-83207.1454091227.1280.1280-31019.1474322288.1280.1280.jpg   sprinter-xl3-deluxe-84056.1470706499.1280.1280.jpg

With these innovative electric mobility scooters, individuals with a disability can get around to the places they want and need to go in a safe and secure way. Their secure features prevent and protect them from accidents, indeed increase their movement on wheels, and provide them a uniquely comfortable travel experience.


Here's what one reviewer has to say about his new Heartway USA - Vita -S12 Scooter:

"Let me start by saying - I LOVE this thing! I now have the mobility I have lacked for so long. Scooter came well packed, i.e. no damage or issues with shipping. This is an exceptionally high quality machine. I was very impressed. I live in a rural area and, while it is no ATV, it travels surprising well on rough terrain. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a very stylish mobility scooter." - Posted by David Cross on 15th Nov 2016

From shopping to enjoying more time with family and friends, owning an Electric Mobility Scooter can be truly life changing. Once you have your own scooter, it's easy to see how your freedom will be enhanced. In today's face paced society, it is important to have all the help you can get. There are a wealth of options out there when it comes to buying an electric mobility scooter, so be sure to explore them all.


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