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Pool Lifts: Get Ready for Summer

Summer is Coming, Get Ready for the Pool!

Staying active is important for people of all abilities. Since individuals with disabilities are more limited in their choice of exercising, swimming is a great way to get active and stay healthy. Regardless of limitations, staying active is important for everyone. People living sedentary lifestyles are more prone to develop health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and an increased risk of heart disease.

Swimming is an exercise that can be enjoyed by everyone. for more length of time than exercising out of the pool. There is also less strain on muscles and joints, which also allows for increased time in the pool. Since water makes people buoyant, it takes the weight and strain off of your entire body, which is great for aching muscles and joints. Swimming is a cardiovascular activity which gets your blood pumping and exercises the heart. The resistance of the water helps strengthen muscles and builds endurance for everyday activities.

Did you know that swimming is also good for your mental health? Swimming can be meditative when enjoyed alone and when enjoyed with others it can be a great way to be social and improve social skills. Because of the endorphins released in the body from exercising, swimming can leave you feeling more positive and less stressed. Adults who swim are found to be happier and healthier then sedentary adults. 

The importance of staying active is not an easy task for everyone, especially when you have mobility issues. The thought of exercising can be very overwhelming because it takes more preparation time, but it is important to be smart and safe about it. Swimming is a great and beneficial activity, but frustration can set in when thinking about getting in and out of the pool. Answer: Pool lifts! Pool lifts are a wonderful piece of equipment to help individuals with limited mobility get in and out of the pool. There are many to choose from, which include, ADA compliant pool lifts (Americans with Disabilities Act), which serve the commercial pool needs, to smaller residential lifts that need assistance when operating. For more information about ADA requirements for public pools and spas in their entirety go to the Americans with Disabilities Act’s website here:

Pool lift needs range from physical therapy to strenuous exercise or just simple fun. Whichever that direction turns out to be there are certain considerations to keep in mind. It is important to note that Swimming Pool Lifts are built for various purposes - some to accommodate in-ground pools and others for above ground pools. Buying a pool lift is an important decision, so extensive research is of utmost importance.

What to Consider When Selecting a Pool Lift:

  • 2 types of pool lifts: Permanent or Portable. Residential or institution needs will dictate this decision. 
    • The advantage of a Portable Pool Lift is that you can move it away from the pool for storage, keep your clean aesthetics around the pool, and protect it from inclement weather. Most of the portable pool lifts are less than 100 lbs and can be removed from an anchor hole and set inside a storage area. The anchor hole is plugged typically with a stainless plug thereby removing any tripping hazards. Many of today’s portable lifts are capable of clearance of above ground pools or spas at a minimum of 40”. These automatic lift chairs should come standard with battery-assisted operation, chargers, waterproof remote controls and foot rests. 
    • Permanent Pool Lifts have the advantage of reducing the manpower of having to constantly remove and reinsert a lift, which makes them more convenient. This is also an advantage as the disabled person does not have to be concerned with having assistance to set up the pool lift. You can have more Independence.
  • Weight Capacity - Make sure the pool lift can support the appropriate amount of weight. Depending on the pool lift, the maximum range is anywhere from 300 - 600 lbs.
  • Chair Rotation - Look for a chair rotation of 240-360 degrees to allow for maneuvering in and out of the pool lift.
  • What type of pool will you use it for? - Inground pool, spa, or above ground pool? Make sure there is enough clearance to allow the lift to function properly.
  • Extra Battery - Purchasing a second battery is a wise decision. This will ensure that the lift will always be functioning properly. A suggestion is to label the batteries "A" and "B" and set up a chart and assign a specific person to be in charge of rotating and charging the batteries.
  • Aesthetics - Consider how you want your pool area to look. Permanent pool lifts tend to look nicer adjacent to the pool than portable pool lifts. However, portable pool lifts can be rolled away and put in a storage area near the pool. With a permanent lift, there is no need to get it out and set it up before use, making it so convenient.
  • Pool Lift Cover - A pool lift cover will help protect your investment for the elements. When choosing a pool lift cover, make sure get the cover specific to your pool lift's model and manufacturer to ensure proper fit. 

Here are some examples of the various pool lifts mentioned above:

Portable Pool lifts

srpoollift2.jpg        aquacreekportable1.jpg        spectrumportable.jpg



Permanent Pool Lifts

aquacreek2.jpg srpoollift3.jpg        a-aspen-pool-lift-28753.1442881083.1280.1280.jpg


There are various options of Pool Lifts available to benefit you. All Terrain Medical can assist you with all your mobility needs.


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