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Benefits of Exercise for Persons with Disabilities -New

What Exercise Regiment is Best For You? 

It has long been known that there are significant health advantages associated with physical activity. Benefits of cardiovascular exercise contribute to better mental and physical health. Physical activity also helps to improve muscle strength, have more energy, and increased stamina. Benefits can be obtained in 30-40 minutes of moderate activities, such as wheeling oneself in a wheelchair or more intense exercise like playing wheelchair basketball for 20 minutes. Wheelchair users have an increased demand in use of the upper body and shoulders. This area needs to stay strong to prevent injury. You can also exercise the areas that are paralized, for example with an EF250 to move your legs for better blood circulation. This is extremely important. Exercises for the leg muscles are just as important for people with paralysis as they are for able-bodied people.

Depending on the cause of your paralysis, gaining muscle strength is not always possible. Keeping the muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments as healthy as possible is necessary to avoid contractures (which are limbs that no longer straighten) in the paralyzed legs. Contractures occur when the normally stretchy tissue loses its flexibility and makes movement difficult. The joints can lock up and it can increase pain. Without the ability to move the legs, passive range-of-motion exercises increases circulation and keeps your legs as healthy as possible. Before beginning any exercise program, consult with your physician.

No excuse needed! There are so many great options and ideas for exercise for people of all abilities. Pinterest and You Tube are FULL of fun ideas. There are also many great options for exercise equipment for persons with disabilities. Yes, wheelchair exercise equipment!

All Terrain Medical wants to help you. With their expert staff, they specialize in Wheelchair Exercise Equipment and Physical Rehabilitation Equipment as well as Clinical Supplies such as Treatment Tables. You will find the complete line of ENDORPHIN Fitness products, the complete line of EX N FLEX Rehabilitation products as well as the extremely popular CH7000 Challenge Circuit Wheelchair Accessible Exercise Workout Machine. Plus, they also carry the Resistance Gym.

Check out these great products:

VitaGloves - Wheelchair Accessible Exercise Gloves


The very helpful VitaGloves come as a pair, but if you are only exercising with one hand you can use them interchangeably on the right or left hand. They are revolutionary and fabricated from a unique new material called VitaTex. The fabric has air-circulation holes and does not retain moisture allowing for a comfortable grip for extended periods of time. It is the perfect grip assist glove to handle all of your home gym equipment and wheelchair exercise equipment. They are also great for use at physical rehabilitation facilities, for mobility equipment or any other exercise equipment. VitaGloves are 100% machine washable and fit wrist sizes 5.5”-7.25.”

The Endorphin 300 Wheelchair Accessible Exercise Equipment Series:


The Endorphin 300-E2 Hand Cycle Wheelchair Accessible Exercise Equipment series for example is a complete upper body muscle-conditioning platform. Available in 4 models, all 300 models feature a body stabilizing chest support pad that adjusts to a vertical or horizontal position for maximum comfort and has a 7" range of motion. Providing excellent body core stabilization, optional foot pedals for lower body use make the 300 Series a complete and adaptable exercise unit. The 4 models available are: 300-E1, 300-E2, 300-E3, and 300-E4.

Endorphin also carries a wide variety of other wheelchair fitness equipment:

Ex N Flex EF-250 Leg Machine:



The Ex N Flex EF-250 Leg Machine is very compact, lightweight and easily movable with specially designed wheels and lock-downs.

This wheelchair exercise equipment has a highly accessible control panel offering easy operation, a bio-feedback indicator, forward and reverse directions and three speed levels for passive or active training. The EF-250 is height adjustable to allow use from any chair, wheel chair or scooter. Security is assured with specially designed foot plates and an automatic safety shutdown.

EX N FLEX EF-100 Arm Therapy Machine:


The EX N FLEX EF-100 Arm Therapy Machine was designed for people who have little or no control over arm, shoulder and trunk movement.

There are 2 modes. In passive mode, the arms and shoulder are rotated by the electrical motor in a slow predictable orbital motion. In active mode, you can assist the motor to move the arm crank with your own muscles, thus building and maintaining strength and endurance in the arm and shoulder.

The EX N FLEX EF-100 is very compact, lightweight and easily moveable with specially designed wheels and lockdowns. The EF-100 offers three distinct movement patterns which provide the most complete mobility for the arm and shoulder. The accessible control panel offers easy operation, with a bio-feed indicator, forward and reverse directions and three speed levels for passive or active therapy. It is height adjustable to allow use from any chair or wheel chair. Security is assured with specially designed arm carriage and an automatic safety shutdown. 

Resistance Gym 200 - Home Gym:


The Resistance Wall Gym 200 was designed to outperform the best home gyms on the market. It is the perfect commercial grade resistance training workout gym for fitness training all areas of your body. With this one piece of gym equipment you can work all your major muscle groups including your shoulders, arms, chest, back, legs, and abs. Also, The perfect gym for Physical Therapy rehab and for people in wheelchairs.  It uses unique easy method of sliding the resistance bands along a slotted track to give you infinite locations for the perfect workout.

You can improve your strength, flexibility, and balance using the low-impact and smooth resistance bands. The Wall Gym 200 provides a way for you to workout using a standard folding chair, a wheelchair, or just by standing. With the resistance band system and the adjustable t-slotted material you can workout in infinite positions. Also available in a larger model, The Resistance Gym 400.

Apex Challenge Circuit CH7000 Workout Machine:


The Apex Challenge Circuit CH7000 Workout Machine is a multi-purpose weight-training machine equipped with various stations that allow paras, quads, and able-bodied individuals to get a complete and total workout. This space efficient, single stack unit enables individuals with varied arm and hand strength to perform at a comfortable level with little or no assistance.
The CH7000 is a machine with no compromises and is manufactured by a world leader in the fitness industry. 

This station allows the user to perform lat pull-downs as well as tricep extensions. An adjustable lap/leg restraint stabilizes the body to insure maximum intensity during the exercises.
Seated Row. The back pad telescopes out and doubles as a chest pad to add comfort and stability while performing the row. The adjustable upper arm allows the user to choose a variety of starting positions for complete extension throughout the movement. The upper arm’s three handles allow a full workout of the middle to upper back.

There are so many options to make exercise fun and easy!


We are here to help you! Call us today! All-Terrain Medical 877.255.8371

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