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All-Terrain Medical carries over 500 products from more than 50 manufacturers and distributes them worldwide to provide our customers with the latest in innovative disability products


Latest Testimonials:

On the CH7000

"Love the machine and thank you for including that issue in the website. My students are finding the machine helpful and easy to set and use. Thank you for your continued assistance."
Dr. Melissa S., CA

On the Aqua Creek Super Power EZ Pool Lift

"Thanks again for all of your assistance. I contacted UPS and I did not have to pay anything and have had the anchor delivered today. Great news also is that Fedex delivered the lift today too, all straight forward with no charges expected upfront. You have done a sterling job and have been a super ambassador for your company. I look forward to unpacking the boxes and will either have my friend put it together or I have found a UK company who will assemble it and service it in future. Many thanks again. Kind regards"
Steve W., United Kingdom

On the Vita SE Electric Mobility Scooter

"We shopped around looked at many different brands and models of scooters. Here’s why the Vita is perfect for Dad: Freedom. The Vita is easy-to-use and offers a safe and enjoyable alternative to walking or driving a car. Dad gets out of the house whenever he wants and goes wherever he wants. Handles Moderate Terrain Easily. Vita has sufficient ground clearance and bigger wheels for the lawn, the gravel driveway, cobblestones, unpaved walkways. Superior Maneuverability. The 4-wheel Vita couples stability with a smaller turning radius. The steering is responsive. Speed. Ever get caught a distance from the bathroom? The Vita gets you there FAST when you need it, without sacrificing safety. This is one of the fastest scooters on the market. Outstanding Visibility. We call the color of Dad’s Vita, “Lamborghini Orange” – you can’t miss it. For additional safety, the Vita offers a headlight, taillights, turn signals, a horn, and a back-up warning sound. Great Battery Life. Dad has gone to the beach, to town, to all the local hot spots, and back home without even coming close to running down the battery. Easy Controls. Even with arthritis in his thumb, Dad can operate the Vita easily. The display is intuitive and easy to read. Smart Size. The Vita is fully adjustable and fits a wide range of body types, yet it is relatively compact. Dad keeps his in the garage, next to the car, with plenty of room to spare. The Vita is state-of-the-art, yet offers a great value. We are very satisfied customers. Dad is a new person with his newfound freedom. Thank you Heartway and All Terrain Medical!"
Terry M., PA

On the Trionic Veloped Sport Fitness Walker Rollator

"Hi , we received the Walker and my husband loves it. I can't believe how well it goes over curbs. It's size surprised us. We have a steep driveway and the drum brakes help my husband, who has Parkinsons, to get safely back to the house. Hopefully we'll have a few more days of sunshine in Portland to enjoy dry walks. Someone told me that we are the first folks to buy a Trionic Walker in Oregon. Does that make us pioneers?!"
Kathryn O., Portland, OR

On the Trionic Veloped Mountain Fitness Walker Rollator

James, LaFayette, Louisiana


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All-Terrain Medical & Mobility product categories include:

Our wide product range includes some of these Durable Medical Equipment Highlights:

PAL Portable Pool Lift • EX N' FLEX EF150 • Easy Stand's Evolv • Vita-Glide Pro • EV Rider SporsterSE • Frog Legs Shock Absorber Ultra Sports • ZAP Dude Electric All-Terrain Vehicle • Quantum Q100 Shower Chair • Otto Bock Advantage Wheelchair Cushion • Challenge Circuit CH 7000 • Quickie Shark Handcycle • Argo 6 x 6 and Argo 8 x 8 • Shoprider Scooter • Top-End Excelerator • GHR-15 and Longevity Anti-Aging Supplement • Trionic Fitness Walker (Rollator) Veloped• Supracore Stimulite Contoured Cushion • MK Gel Battery • Colours Tremor Wheelchair • Solorider Golf Cart; EZ-Access ramps

Top mobility products. All-Terrain carries over 500 mobility products designed to facilitate the best level of mobility and achievement for the people we serve. We strive to provide you with the latest products on the market both nationally and internationally. We also strive to provide the best value to you for these products.

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