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A to Z Categories

A to Z Categories

What you need to know about sealed heavy duty batteries for scooters and wheelchairs

Pro 's and Con's of Sealed heavy duty batteries versus Gel batteries

  • Lower initial cost 
  • Lighter weight 
  • Water can be replaced if continually overcharged 
  • No Automatic temperature sensing, voltage- regulated chargers do not have to be used 
  • Do not last as long as gel batteries.

How to charge sealed heavy duty batteries to get the longest life excpectancy

-You should always charge your batteries fully before using your new scooter or wheelchair

-Charge daily. You cannot overcharge your batteries, as todays chargers have smart chargers that prevernt them from over-charging

-Always use the manufcaturers charger that came with your product to charge the batteries

-Do not charge your scooter or wheelchair with an automotive or wet charger. It will damage your batteries

-Avoid high discharges and do not discharge your batteries completely. It will shorten the batteries life. 

-Avoid letting the batteries 'sit' for an extended period of time. If you are planning not to use the batteries for a while, charge them and disconnect once fully charged.

-Do not mix or match Gel and AGM batteries or batteries from different manufacturers. Their spec's may be slightly different. Make sure the date codes are the same for both batteries.

Common mistakes made with sealed heavy duty batteries

-'I cannot find my charger, so I just use a different one': Unless you are 100% sure the alternative charger has the same technical specifications, do not try to use alternative chargers.

-"My batteries will be fine on my scooter while I am on vacation and still be good when I come back 3 weeks laIter': The batteries will drain over time, unless they are disconnect for storage until you return. Once you are back, fully charge the batteries before using the equipment


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