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A to Z Categories

How to Compare and Decide Which Electric Mobility Scooter is Right for You

Selecting the right Electric Mobility Scooter is an important decision. You want to make sure you get the greatest value for your money, it should be long lasting and you should be able to depend on it. There are many things to consider when comparing high-end, heavy duty and the best quality electric mobility scooters.

What are your mobility needs for using your scooter? Where will you be taking it and how far? Consider the driving range per charge and ground clearance. Take the weight capacity of the electric mobility scooter in consideration. Higher end and heavy duty electric mobility scooters can support anywhere between 330-500 pounds. Make sure to take into consideration if you need a 3 or 4 wheel scooter. 3 wheels will have a tighter turning radius, are very good indoors or for use on smooth surfaces. 4 wheels provide a wider and sturdier wheelbase and are good for outside and rougher terrain. The style is important too. Electric mobility scooter manufacturers have taken style into consideration and have some really attractive scooters available. There are even many colors to choose from. Some offer silver, black, red, iridescent purple, orange and even apple green! Other options to consider are ease of use, speed, type of battery, wheel size and storage capabilities.

Quality is very important. Your mobility scooter must be a dependable piece of equipment or it is not doing its job. Being dependent on something working correctly is important, especially when it comes to your ability to be mobile. Researching companies and their quality of products are key. What is their warranty and how is their customer service? Are they easily accessible and how fast can they get you moving again if something needs repairs? Make sure to purchase a scooter made by a reputable manufacturer.

Electric Mobility and Medical Mobility Scooters from several trusted manufacturers are Afikim with the Afiscooter Scooter line, E-Wheels with the famous EW-36 Scooter, EV Rider with the RiderXpress Scooter, Pacesaver with the Scout Scooter, Shoprider with the Sunrunner Scooter and Sprinter Scooter and Zipr Scooters with the Traveler, Breeze and Roo Scooters.

Afikim Electric Mobility Scooters

Afikim Electric Vehicles has been a leading developer and manufacturer of mobility scooters for over 30 years. Their superior workmanship is appreciated throughout the Mobility Industry. Afikim Vehicle Company has made no compromises with their designs. Both the Afikim Afiscooter C3 (3-wheels) and C4 (4-wheels) are the most advanced mobility scooters in their category. Allowing you to enjoy the combination of latest technology and design. They are a midsize scooter made for the urban environment. The Afiscooter C3 and  Afiscooter C4 provide perfect mobility for narrow and crowded areas. These mobility scooter implements the best ergonomics and technology that is usually found in the heavy scooter category. The Afikim Afiscooter C3 is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. The scooter size allows for perfect mobility around town, on narrow sidewalks and convenient maneuvering in shopping centers. The orthopedic seat swivels for easy access. The seat and the handlebars can be adjusted to the user's needs, allowing for a safe and enjoyable ride. The shock absorbers and wide wheels make the ride smooth and comfortable. The Afikim Afiscooter C3 has automatic brakes, which enables it to stop safely in any Terrain. The control system is simple and easy to use. Front and back lights make your a safe one.

Two even more impressive heavy duty mobility scooters by Afikim are the AfiScooter S3 3-Wheel and the Afiscooter S4 4-Wheel electric mobility scooters. These mobility scooters offers an impressive driving range of approximately 28 Miles. Its ergonomic design makes your ride more comfortable. Also features a programmable electronic controller, LCD control screen and bright LED headlights. Both Outdoor Mobility Scooters have a fully adjustable orthopedic seat and a shock-absorbing steel frame. The 4-wheel suspension and steering system provides a pleasurable car-like driving experience on long distance trips.

The Afikim electric mobility scooter is carefully planned and designed with driver convenience in mind. These mobility scooters offer a very sturdy construction, adjustable suspension and orthopedic seating to ensure a smooth, safe and comfortable ride for the user.  

afiscooterc3.jpg afiscooters3.jpg  afiscooterc4.jpg  afiscooters4.jpg

E-Wheels Scooters

E-Wheels Scooters offer great value for the consumer. Quality construction, top-rated performance and a wide variety of products to choose from (models EW-01 through EW-85), make E-Wheels a great overall value. Every product built is manufactured with highest quality components and built by highly skilled qualified labor.

The EW-36 mobility scooter is E-Wheels best selelr and a very stylish 3-wheel high-power mobility scooter using a trans-axle brushless electric motor. At full power, the EW-36 can reach speed up to 18 mph which makes it easily the fastest mobility scooter on the market. Because of this, there is a variable speed control dial that can be set to as low as 1 mph, which is a great feature and provides peace of mind if you are in a crowded area. This mobility scooter has a range of up to 45 miles per single charge. There is a lockable storage compartment under the seat. Also included are a reverse switch, armrest and large storage basket on the back. The EW-36 comes equipped with a digital anti-theft alarm and two rear shock absorbers on the frame. The EW-36 is a great scooter for both fun and transportation.

Another great E-Wheels electric mobility scooter is the NEW EW-38, which has been totally redesigned. This powerful scooter now features electric magnetic brakes, 43 Mile Range on a single charge, tubeless tires, LED lights, decorative aluminum wheels, anti-theft alarm system, rider weight capacity of 500 lbs. and decorative aluminum wheels. This wide body scooter is powered by a 700 watt brushless motor which can reach speeds up to 15 mph. 

ew36.jpg  ew38.jpg

 EV Rider

The EV Rider Company offers a broad spectrum of powerful fun, functional, transportable and luxurious mobility solutions for selective users in search of different and higher quality products for leisure, medical and community use. The EV Rider RiderXpress scooter is the only transportable scooter on the market today with a full suspension. The RiderXpress has the stability of a four 4-wheel scooter with the turning radius of a 3-wheel scooter and it provides the customer greater maneuverability. It is the only small, disassembling scooter available with a mono-shock suspension and a standard size (not mini) trans-axle. The RiderXpress can transport higher weight individuals up to 300 lbs with a stability not usually found in portable scooters. Its folding mobility seat has deep cushions and its armrests flip up and can be adjusted laterally. Also features solid alloy wheels (10" x 3" flat free) and it disassembles in seconds for easy hand-carry and storage.


ev-riderexpress.jpg 001-big-64654.1414795629.1280.1280.jpg


With a speed up to 6 m.p.h. and 300 lb. weight capacity this Scout CC scooter by Pacesaver is built to navigate everyday obstacles. Its patented Midi-Drive design is compact for easy indoor use.  PaceSaver's infinite adjustment or Stanza power anti-tips is for easy step on foot-rest access, increased stability, and obstacle clearance, which offers extra degrees of protection. It features US made high torque, 4 pole motors for years of trouble-free performance in all situations. Pacesaver also offers the AdmiralTM 50 degree Recline Seat, 4 point seat post, 14" pneumatic tires (drive), width adjustable/removable arms, alloy wheels, adjustable flip-up footplate, easy battery access, pelvic strap, and right or left hand drive. It also separates easily for a "no tools required" car transport.



Since 1988, Shoprider Electric Mobility Scooters have been available in the United States. They have quickly become one of the top brands in this country by bringing advanced features, innovative designs and affordable pricing to the consumer. Shoprider Mobility Products scooters and power chairs are the most reliable and most technically advanced products available in the US today. Manufactured to stringent ISO9001 quality standards, Shoprider products are backed by a comprehensive warranty making Shoprider Mobility Products the obvious choice for the discerning customer.

The ShopRider Sunrunner Models offer a 3 and 4 wheeled version. The ShopRider Sunrunner 3, 888B-3 Mid-size Electric Mobility Scooter (3-Wheel) and Sunrunner 4, 888B-4 (4-Wheel) is an affordable, full-featured scooter.  They both feature a 300 lb weight capacity, a sliding and swivel Deluxe captain seat, an adjustable tiller with full shroud, a front headlight package, and is available in either Burgundy or Blue.

The rugged ShopRider Sprinter XL3 Deluxe, Heavy Duty 3-Wheel Electric Mobility Scooter and the ShopRider Sprinter XL4 Deluxe, 4-Wheel Electric Mobility Scooter both feature a 2.0 hp motor which provides an impressive 500lb weight capacity. The scooter also features a 20" deluxe captain swivel and slide seat, a full light package, full suspension and 12" wheels. 

sunrunner3-blue-32129.1470706152.1280.1280.jpg sprinter-xl3-deluxe-84056.1470706499.1280.1280.jpgsunrunner4-02927.1470706280.1280.1280.jpgsprinter-xl4-deluxe-84165.1470706547.1280.1280.jpg


The Zipr Traveler 4 is a very popular light weight full featured travel scooter. The Zipr 4 easily transports as the heaviest piece is just 29 lbs and unlike other travel scooters the Zipr Traveler 4 can be assembled in less that 20 seconds because there are no loose wire cables to connect just drop in the battery box and go! The stylish Zipr 4 is a stable four wheel scooter that includes a full body shroud in red or blue and non-marking foam filled tires. It also comes in a 3 wheel model.
The Zipr Roo 4-Wheel is in a new class of scooters called Hybrid Travel Scooters based upon combining the portability and convenience of leisure travel scooters with more space and comfort of the midsize scooters. The Zipr Roo 4-Wheel is a fully disassembling scooter, it has a wire free assembly and drop and go battery box, four inches more leg room, a large upgraded vinyl seat, higher ground clearance then many other scooters and also has a 3-wheel model
The Zipr Breeze 4 comes in red and blue. With an incredible turning Radius of only 49.2" and a ground clearance of 3.5". This scooter can travel a far as 20 miles on one single charge with an maximum speed of 4.5 mph.


  zipr4-252520blue-252520frontside-01-03908.1393031992.1280.1280.jpg roo-4-red-92558.1416703318.1280.1280.pngbreeze-25203-2520red-81965.1393031992.1280.1280.png


  Size LxWxH Weight With Batteries Weight Capacity Ground Clearance Driving Range Per Battery Charge Price
Afikim C3 51"x26"x50" 225 lbs 330 lbs 5" 25 miles $2,942
Afikim C4 52"x26"x50" 269 lbs 330 lbs 5" 25 miles $2,985
Afikim S3 61"x27"x49" 337 lbs 450 lbs 5" 28 miles $5,065
Afikim S4 65"x27"x49" 342 lbs 450 lbs 5" 28 miles $5,389
E-Wheels EW-36 61"x29"x53 1/2" 219 lbs 350 lbs 5" 45 miles $1,999
E-Wheels EW-38 61"x28"x43 1/2" 224 lbs 500 lbs 5" 43 miles $2,595
EV RiderXpress 42"x23"x36" 135 lbs 300 lbs  2.8" 12.5 miles $1,298
Pacesaver Scout CC 39"x25"x39" 172.5 lbs 300 lbs  3" 25 miles $5,200
ShopRider Sunrunner 3-Wheel 45"x24"x38" 165 lbs 300 lbs  3" 25 miles $1,829
ShopRider Sunrunner 4-Wheel 48"x23"x43" 180 lbs 300 lbs  3" 25 miles $1,929
ShopRider Sprinter 3-wheel 51"x27"x35" 222 lbs 350 lbs 3" 25 miles $3,500
ShopRider Sprinter 4-wheel 53"x27"x24" 240 lbs 350 lbs 3" 25 miles $2129-$4000
Zipr Traveler 3-Wheel 36.4"X19.5" 102 lbs 250 lbs 2.1" 10 miles $699
Zipr Traveler 4-Wheel 36.4"X19.5" 106 lbs 250 lbs 2.1" 10 miles $789
Zipr Roo 3-Wheel 41"x19.5" 102 lbs 250 lbs 2" 10 miles $599
Zipr Roo 4-Wheel 37.4"x19.5"x32.4" 111 lbs 250 lbs 2" 10 miles $669
Zipr Breeze 4-Wheel 42.6"x23.3"x34" 189.9 lbs 300 lbs  3.5" 20 miles $1,599


These are just a few of the many electric mobility scooters to choose from. No matter which quality electric mobility scooter you choose, it has to be the right one for you. Keeping quality, functionality, features and style is important when choosing. It's an investment in your mobility and quality of life. So, keep these things in mind when researching and choosing which mobility scooter is best for you. At All-Terrain Medical and Mobility, we only select the best brands on the market for you to choose from.

All Terrain Medical can assist you with all your mobility needs. We are here to help. Call us today! All-Terrain Medical 877.255.8371 Contact us to find out what we can do for you, or speak with one of our representatives through our Live Feature chat option or e-mail us at

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