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A to Z Categories

A to Z Categories

What Types of Access Ramps Are Out There?

For people with limited mobility, wheelchair ramps for your home and vehicle are an essential to everyday living. Stairs are a big obstacle and ramps help navigate the ups and downs (literally) of everyday living and help get you to where you want to go. Instead of letting certain areas of your home be a challenge, a ramp can help you. When you have great ramp set ups in your house it makes life so much better. So, instead of being frustrated with your home, help yourself be happier with wheelchair ramps. For your home, vehicle, or portable ramps you can take with you.

All-Terrain Medical is a great place to start. We carry a wide selection of ramps for any of your mobility needs. If you need Van Ramps without an expensive conversion you are at the right place. Our Roll-A-Ramp Mini-fold Ramps and Auto-fold Ramps are what you need to be mobile. Roll-A-Ramp has the ONLY roll-up-ramp available in the WORLD with a patent to its name! Light and reliable.

Our Access Ramps from EZ Access Ramps are the most affordable solution in the access ramp and its pathway modular system includes ramps with handrails that can be set up in any thinkable constellation.Another great solution for your ramp needs are our PVI-Ramps. We offer a wide selection in PVI access ramps and also a PVI modular ramp system. 

Whether you need Threshold Ramps, Solid Ramps, Mulit-fold Ramps, Roll up Ramps, or Van Ramps, there are many lengths, sizes, options, and varieties available for your needs. Our manufacturers, EZ Access Ramps, PVI Ramps, and Roll-A-Ramps, all provide high quality equipment for your needs.

 Many Great Options for Wheelchair Ramps and Van Ramps:



Roll-A-Ramp, with it's 10 year warranty, is the versatile new portable ramp system for wheelchair and scooter users who want another option to expensive chair lifts, permanent ramps, or conversion vans. For ANY use requiring a superior quality ramp people who want an inexpensive option to expensive chair lifts, permanent ramps, or conversion vans or for ANY use requiring a superior quality ramp. Just roll it up! Imagine patients and clients having the freedom to visit friends and relatives in THEIR homes. It's so light, strong, easy to use, and convenient that anyone needing an access solution will marvel at its unique design and top quality construction. Wheelchair users and their caregivers will be amazed as they enjoy their newfound freedom.    

STRENGTH, Fabricated from strong 6061 Aircraft Quality Anodized Aluminum, Roll-A-Ramp supports up to 2,000 lbs of distributed weight! Roll-A-Ramp Accommodates all brands of manual or electric wheelchairs, or any piece of equipment needing a ramp. There are four (4) widths to choose from. NEVER PERMANENT no matter how the system is configured. A short portable ramp to extensive modular ramp, to a vehicle-mounted application, your Roll-A-Ramp ALWAYS remains portable. With a unique design, a patented link construction means you will never have the wrong size ramp; you simply add additional links to change the length with simple tools provided with your ramp. It's very versatile; one ramp with many uses.

Use the same ramp to go from home to friends to your vehicle with ease. There's no need to purchase multiple ramps.

With widths in sizes 26, 30 and 36 inches and single-wide units, or a 12" pair system with optional spacers to accommodate any wheelchair. Ramps are built to ANY length, so you get what you NEED not what's AVAILABLE. Lengths are Unlimited! Each ramp can be built for your own specific need. Stores easily, just roll it up and go! Each lightweight Roll-A-Ramp section rolls up quickly and can be carried with the strap/handle. Roll-A-Ramp stores easily in very little space. Roll it up, fold it up, and store it.

roll-a-ramp-12-inch.jpg  roll-a-ramp-30-inch.jpg



Roll-A-Ramp - MANUAL Mini-fold, Bi-Fold Ramp System

The Manual Bi-Fold Van Ramp 30"x 8 ft from Roll-A-Ramp is extremely strong and safe but also lightweight. Made easy to install and does not require an expensive conversion or lowering floors. This non-powered Manual Mini-fold Van Ramp offers the same dependability as its big brother, the powered Mini-fold, but at a more economic price tag. To use, you simply lower the ramp to the ground manually, then raise the ramp and store in an upright position inside the van door. The Mini-fold Manual Ramp only intrudes very little into the car and only occupies 12" of your space inside. Made to be used to enter from the side door or rear doors of your van or vehicle.


rar3-68900.1459539859.1280.1280.jpg roll-a-ramp-manual-minifold1.jpg  

Roll-A-Ramp - POWER Mini-Fold and Auto-Fold Bi-Fold Ramp System

Similar construction as the manual Roll-A-Ramp, but with power options of a pendant cord or a wireless remote. The Power Bi-Fold Van Ramp from Roll-A-Ramp is made strong and safe, just like the manual version.



 PVI Single Fold Ramps, Multi-Fold Ramps, and Solid Access Ramps

PVI Single and Multi-Fold Ramps are lightweight, easy to handle and set up. They weigh about 10-24 pounds, depending on size. These ramps fold in half and carry like suitcase. With a full platform, it provides excellent stability and anti-slip, high traction surface with durable and welded fabrication. Accommodates wheelchairs and scooters with various wheel configurations. The ramp capacity is 300 lbs. for one axle and 600 lbs. for two axles.

 pvi-single-fold-ramp.gif  pvi-multi-fold-ramp.jpg  pvi-solid-access-ramps.gif


 PVI Bariatric Multi-Fold Ramp

Available in 4 lengths, from 5-8 feet long with a weight capacity of 800 lbs. for 5,6, and 7 feet ramps and 500 lbs. for 8 feet ramps. This ramp separates into two pieces for easy carrying and folds like a suitcase. The center joint hinge eliminates pinch point and adds strength. A closure strap locks the ramp panels together. There is an anti-slip high traction surface and durable welded construction.



 Threshold Ramps

This slip resistant ramp is made entirely of recycled tires! The EZ-ACCESS Transitions Angled Entry Mat is ideal for indoor or outdoor use and provides a safe and smooth ground-to-sill transition. It is especially practical for sliding glass doors because it does not interfere with the door track. Usable width is 36" (40" and 43" overall including bevels) with a maximum of 1½" and 2½" in height. The PVI Self-Supporting Threshold Ramps are designed for doorways that swing out. The surface is anti-slip, high traction and constructed of durable welded aluminum.

ez-access-angled-entry-mat.jpg   pvi-self-supporting-threshold-ramps.gif


NEW! EZ Access Suitcase Fold Graphite Fiber Ramp

NEW and Lightweight! The Suitcase Single-fold Ramp is made of glass reinforced graphite fiber and is the lightest folding ramp in the industry. The Suitcase Single-fold Ramp is fitted with ergonomically designed handles and a non-protruding hinge that allows you to carry it anywhere. The ramp is available in 5 sizes and features an applied non-slip surface for excellent traction. 




EZ Access - Pathway Modular Access System

The PATHWAY® Modular Ramp System features multiple modular ramp configurations to fit unique entryway situations and offer multiple safety elements to make this the safest aluminum modular entryway mobility ramp in the industry. Whether you are in need of a modular entryway mobility ramp for a short time or long-term, the PATHWAY® Modular Ramp System is the perfect solution because it can be configured to fit any entryway situation and reconfigured for other entryways. Safety is top priority and this ramp system will not deteriorate from the outdoor elements and features a non-skid surface that maintains traction in any weather.

pathway1.jpg  pathway2.jpg  pathway3.jpg


There are various options and uses of ramps available to benefit you. All Terrain Medical can assist you with all your mobility needs.

We are here to help you! Call us today! All-Terrain Medical 877.255.8371

Contact us to find out what we can do for you, or speak with one of our representatives through our Live Feature chat option or e-mail us at

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