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MK Battery - M34 SLD G - Pair, MK Sealed Heavy Duty Gel Battery (MK Original)


MK Battery - M34 SLD G - Pair, MK Sealed Heavy Duty Gel Battery (MK Original)

42.00 LBS
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Product Description

MK Batteries are the best choice when it comes to your Mobility equipment, Mobility Scooter or Power Wheelchair and because the  M34 SLD G - Pair, MK Sealed Heavy Duty Gel Battery is for Sale at All-Terrain Medical, you win! 

Voltage: 12; Amp Hours (20 Hr Rate): 60.0; Amp Hours (5 Hr Rate): 47.5;

Price Advantage if you buy the pair!

Battery-powered mobility systems provide users with additional freedom and independence. None of these ingeniously designed vehicles, however, can perform to their full potential without a top-quality battery as the fuel source. In fact, choosing the right battery for your equipment can enhance performance and safety, simplify charging and maintenance. In the long-run, it will save you time, money and peace of mind.

There's a simple reason why MK Battery is the number one choice among all major wheelchair manufacturers and leading rehab equipment suppliers. These industry leaders cannot afford to have their reputations riding on anything but the best power source available. That's why the MK name is your assurance of getting the best battery available for your wheelchair, scooter or other mobility device.

Sealed VRLA Gel Batteries 
When you think quality Deep Cycle batteries, think of MK Battery. Our premium Gel products have been the number one choice for years by the leading wheelchair manufacturers. When it comes to performance and quality, the MK Gel is the standard.

 Deep Cycle: Premium sealed batteries capable of up to 1000 cycles (50% DOD) as fully tested by independent laboratories.
 Gelled/Suspended Electrolyte: No liquid of any kind; battery is completely sealed. Safe in any position (except upside down).   
 Maintenance Free: Water is never added; low liability 
 Travel & Ship Easily: MK batteries are F.A.A, IATA, and UPS approved. Others may not be. 
 Safety: Sealed batteries have a special re-sealing vent system that prevents excessive internal pressure; thus they cannot explode under normal conditions.

Benefits of an Advanced Sealed VRLA Gel or AGM Battery 
Battery technology has changed tremendously in just the past few years. In fact, size-for-size, MK's advanced Sealed VRLA Gel and AGM batteries deliver more power and more consistent performance than other types and brands of batteries used for mobility. MK's performance-proven Gel and AGM designs:

 Can last longer than other batteries due to high quality manufacturing standards. 
 Are A-67 DOT/FAA-IATA Standard approved for airline and public transportation. 
 Do not need to be fully discharged before recharging.
 Do not develop a "memory" that limits their recharging. 
 Will not automatically discharge if put on concrete.

You'll Cover More Ground with an MK Battery. Like a good set of radial tires for your car, MK Sealed VRLA Gel and AGM batteries, designed to enhance performance and safety, last longer and provide more cost efficient reliability.

An MK Sealed VRLA Gel battery features an inherently safer, truly maintenance-free design. MK Gel batteries have provided years of proven performance and significantly longer life - averaging 1 to 2 years or longer when properly maintained.

MK Battery also offers a line of AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries for lighter duty mobility use. Although AGM batteries will not match the cycle-life performance of our Gel batteries, they do offer a lower initial cost and will supply sufficient functionality to meet the less critical needs of certain lighter duty mobility applications. For heavy daily use and traditional rehab applications, continued utilization of our heavy duty Gel batteries is highly recommended.


MK Battery History



MK Battery was founded by Mark Kettler and Mark Wels in the beginning of 1983 and incorporated in 1984, as a California "C"- type corporation. The company has over 100 employees including Mark Wels who continues to manage the company as President. In 1995, MK Battery was acquired by East Penn Mfg. Co. Inc. out of Lyon Station, PA and now operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary of East Penn. 2002 MK Battery opened its first direct sales and distribution branch in Europe, located in Kettering, Northamptonshire, England. 2005 MK opened a second European branch in Arnhem, Netherlands and later, in 2009, opened offices and distribution in Sydney, Australia. From there MK Battery services the Asia Pacific region.

MK Battery is headquartered in Anaheim, CA, and now operates 20 distribution centers in the USA, six in Europe, and one in Australia. From there theses distribution centers, they operate fleets of route delivery trucks. All MK Battery distribution centers are run by MK Battery personnel. Also, East Penn Mfg. Co. (DEKA) provides warehouse services to MK Battery in numerous other USA locations. In Canada, East Penn ownes and markets MK Battery's brand names and supports MK Battery with inventory in multiple locations throughout Canada. With this synergetic merge, MK Battery has now one of the most extensive distribution systems for sealed batteries in all of North America and throughout much of the world. MK Battery brands are proudly sold and distributed on all seven continents!

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