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Roll-A-Ramp - Modular Ramp System 48" x 17', Loop End Handrails on two Sides - M48-17-2L

$6,882.75 5985
(You save $897.75)

Roll-A-Ramp - Modular Ramp System 48" x 17', Loop End Handrails on two Sides - M48-17-2L

$6,882.75 $5,985.00
(You save $897.75)
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Product Description

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Roll-A-Ramp - Modular Ramp System 48" x 17', Loop End Handrails on two Sides - M48-17-2L



If you’re looking for a ramp to get into your home or business you can order a complete kit that includes everything you need.

Welcome to the Roll-A-Ramp® Modular Ramp System! Available ramp sizes for modular kits in 26", 30″, 36″ and 48" widths, modular ramps begin at 4′ in length up to 30′.

The Roll-A-Ramp® Modular Ramp System can be configured to any length needed. This is an excellent alternative to building a permanent wooden ramp and a good option for wheelchairs, walkers, scooters, or any accessibility need. Unlike some ramps, where once you reach a 10-foot length you are limited to a modular system designed to stay in place, the Roll-A-Ramp® gives you the versatility of having a portable system at any length! Longer ramps are easily split into multiple sections. In most situations, you will not need a building permit to place a ramp in front of your home because the ramp is portable and does not alter the permanent structure of the home. Handrails can be added to one or both sides. Using platforms (small landings) you can create a ramp that has a 90 degree angle turn.

Available Ramp Sizes (each width can be built to any length in 1-foot increments)

  • 26-inch wide
  • 30-inch wide
  • 36-inch wide
  • 48-inch wide

Freedom Regained through Accessibility 

Whether you are staying put or on the go, Roll-A-Ramp® is less costly than lifts and elevators, permanent wood or concrete ramps – and much more versatile.
Our custom platforms allow the ramp to turn at a 90-degree angle.

The only all-inclusive ramp system

  • Modular kits include all necessary components for the ramp configuration you choose (no guessing what parts are needed)*
  • One model number—one price for each configuration
  • Easily installed—Take down in a short time—or leave in place
  • Reconfigure the ramp if situation changes– easy to change length, add handrails, or make it fit your need
  • Choice of 36” or 30” width options (91,5cm / 76cm)
  • Multiple ramps—make a different ramp size by splitting into sections to quickly reconfigure for use elsewhere.

Choose the ramp system that fits your unique need.

*Total Vertical Rise height of location must be provided to determine correct ramp supports
*Platforms are sold separately


  • Easy set up and take down – or leave in place
  • Rolls up and is always portable
  • Lightweight yet extremely sturdy and durable
  • Can be configured as multiple ramps in one – ask how!
  • 10-year unlimited warranty on ramp

Package Includes:

  • One long ramp or multiple shorter ramps
  • Upper Load-Bearing Approach Plate
  • Support Stands for ramps 10′ and longer (placed at 6′-7′ increments)
  • Quick-Connect Pins ( for ramps 7 feet and longer )
  • Handrails ( if applicable )


Select the correct ramp length for your use:

1. Determine Use: How you will be using your ramp?
2. Determine Length Roll-A-Ramp® Ramp Length Calculator

A) Public Use:

  • A 1:12 slope - 1 foot of ramp for each 1 inch of rise (Example: 24” vertical rise = 24’ ramp length)
  • ADA-compliant option (Does not apply to temporary ramps like Roll-A-Ramp® although it may be used)
  • Ramps for public access - May also be used for home applications

Slope Angle: 5 Degrees

5° Length Calculation: Vertical rise divided by 1

B) Walking, Manual Wheelchairs (with or without assistance), Power Wheelchairs, and Scooters:

  • 1. Best for individuals with limited walking ability
  • 2. A smaller person helping a larger person in the wheelchair or an independent wheelchair user
  • 3. Power wheelchairs and scooters

Slope Angle: 7 Degrees

7° Length Calculation: Vertical rise divided by 1.5 (Example: 24” vertical rise divided by 1.5 = 16’ ramp)

C) Walking, Assisting a Manual Wheelchair, Power Wheelchairs, and Scooters:

  • 1. Walking up the ramp (handrails recommended)
  • 2. Able-bodied helper assisting a manual wheelchair user up the ramp
  • 3. Most power wheelchairs and scooters

Slope Angle: 10 Degrees

10° Length Calculation: Vertical rise divided by 2

Additional Ramp Links: By adding extra ramp links you can increase the length of your Roll-A-Ramp® at any time. Just remove the ramp’s bottom end piece (lower approach plate) and bolt on the extra links. Order as many 1′ links as you need. Tools and installation instructions included. Your ramp never becomes obsolete and changes with your needs.

Part Numbers:

Part No. Ramp Length Part No. Ramp Length
M48-5-2L 5' x 26" M48-13-2L 13' x 26"
M48-6-2L 6' x 26" M48-14-2L 14' x 26"
M48-7-2L 7' x 26" M48-15-2L 15' x 26"
M48-8-2L 8' x 26" M48-16-2L 16' x 26"
M48-9-2L 9' x 26" M48-17-2L 17' x 26"
M48-10-2L 10' x 26" M48-18-2L 18' x 26"
M48-11-2L 11' x 26" M48-19-2L 19' x 26"
M48-12-2L 12' x 26" M48-20-2L 20' x 26"

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