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A to Z Categories

Roll-A-Ramp - Portable Wheelchair/Scooter Ramp - 36"x18' - A13617A19

$2,788.75 2425
(You save $363.75)

Roll-A-Ramp - Portable Wheelchair/Scooter Ramp - 36"x18' - A13617A19

$2,788.75 $2,425.00
(You save $363.75)
123.00 LBS
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Product Description

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Roll-A-Ramp - Portable Wheelchair/Scooter Ramp - 36"x18' - A13617A19



Roll-A-Ramp® offers a one-of-a-kind portable ramp for easy & convenient access into homes, buildings, vans and more.

Roll-A-Ramp® is where Strength and Flexibility Meet! Your ramp will always be portable and never permanent, so a building permit is not needed. It rolls up like a sleeping bag for convenient storage and portability. Change the length at any time by adding and removing links, just like a watchband! Roll-A-Ramp® ramps are the perfect solution for people who want an alternative to heavy, bulky, or permanent wooden ramps.

This aluminum ramp can be built to comply with ADA standards if needed. Made from 6061 aerospace aluminum, the average weight is only 6 pounds for every 1-foot of ramp length.

Ramps are custom built to any length for your individual situation. Ideal for

  • Homes for temporary or non-permanent access
  • Public Buildings
  • Visiting family and friends
  • Appointments
  • Restaurants
  • RVs

What portable wheelchair and scooter ramp users love about their ramps:

  • Lightweight: 8’ x 30” portable ramp weighs only 46 pounds
  • Strong: Supports 1,000 lbs or 2,000 pounds for the 12″ twin track ramps
  • Durable: made from aerospace 6061 aluminum, Rockwell T6 hardness
  • Reliable:10-Year Warranty on the ramp
  • Versatile: Add length or separate into shorter sections for easier handling
  • Flexible: Take a section off a longer ramp, add an Approach Plate and use as a second shorter ramp

Always portable, never permanent. Just roll it up and go!

Product Highlights

Width 26-inch, 30-inch & 36" single-wide units, or 12" inch pair system with optional spacers to accommodate any wheelchair. Ramps are built to ANY length, so you get what you NEED not what's AVAILABLE. Lengths Unlimited! Each ramp can be built for your own specific need. Stores easily Just roll it up and go! Each lightweight Roll-A-Ramp section rolls up quickly and can be carried with the strap/handle. Roll-A-Ramp stores easily in very little space. Roll it up, fold it up, separate it and store it side by side.              

  • Approach Plates: Each end of the Roll-A-Ramp has a special 6" Approach Plate attached. The purpose of this is to ensure a smooth entrance and exit to the ramp. This special Approach Plate is not load bearing meaning the top plate alone cannot rest on any surface while ramping. It is important that when placing the ramp on the top surface that the Approach Plate plus the first ramp link must rest on the surface. Order extra approach plates for when you want to separate a ramp into shorter sections. This allows you to have 2 or more complete ramp systems. Longer home modular systems can have a short piece removed for a portable ramp, and then put back on to once again have a full system. Superior Engineering techniques make Roll-A-Ramp® incredibly strong yet lightweight, similar to that of a bridge STRENGTH Fabricated from strong 6061 Aircraft Quality Anodized Aluminum, Roll-A-Ramp supports up to 2,000 lbs of distributed weight! Roll-A-Ramp Accommodates all brands of manual or electric wheelchairs, or any piece of equipment needing a ramp. NEVER PERMANENT No matter how the system is configured; short portable ramp to extensive modular ramp, to vehicle-mounted application, your Roll-A-Ramp ALWAYS remains portable.  
  • Unique Design - Patented link construction means you will never have the wrong size ramp; simply add additional links to change length with simple tools provided with your ramp. Versatile One Ramp - Many Uses. Use the same ramp to go from home to friends to vehicle with ease. No need to purchase multiple ramps.    


  • Additional Links: By adding extra ramp links you can increase the length of your Roll-A-Ramp® at any time. Just remove the ramp’s bottom end piece (lower approach plate) and bolt on the extra links. Order as many 1′ links as you need. Tools and installation instructions included. Your ramp never becomes obsolete and changes with your needs.  
  • Quick Connect Pins: Roll-A-Ramp owners love Quick-Connect Pins because they make it possible to increase – or decrease – the length of your ramp depending on the circumstances. The amazing flexibility and versatility of a Roll-A-Ramp is even more remarkable with Quick-Connect Pins because you can easily turn one ramp into multiple ramps.         
  • Support Stands: Roll-A-Ramp support stands are required for any ramp longer than 10 feet. Roll-A-Ramp suggests placing a pair of support stands approximately every 6-7 feet. The support stands attach to the ramp using t-handle bolts and block-nuts provided. No special tools are needed. Their custom ramp support stands are adjustable based on the height ranges below. Stand may also be placed anywhere on the ramp.
  1. G-3612-XS  Extra Short Support Stands 6”-9” adjustment range
  2. G-3612-S  Short Support Stands (short) 10”-13.5” adjustment range
  3. G-3612-L  Long Support Stands 15.75-21.5″ adjustment range
  4. G-3612-XL Extra Long Support Stands 23”-35″ adjustment range
  5. G-3612-XXL  2XL Support Stands (2X long) 35.5”-52.75″ adjustment range
  • Seg Mount Brackets: Seg-Mount Brackets, also called Z-Mount Brackets allow for easy mounting of your portable ramp to any landing surface. The ramp’s upper approach plate slips into the bracket at 90-degrees and removes in seconds. Z-Mount brackets allow your ramp to be level with the surface of your landing. Can be installed into wood, concrete or metal. 
  • Pickup Tailgate Brackets: For use with pick-up trucks or delivery vans. Ramp brackets easily rivet or screw to tailgate or any surface where you need a little extra holding power. Popular for loading into a bed of a pick-up. The low profile does not interfere with normal use. Tailgate Brackets hold the ramp securely in place on any surface.
  • Standard Approach Plate: The Standard Approach Plate comes standard with every ramp and requires that the approach plate and the first link of the ramp rest on the platform or landing you are accessing.

Determine Length

Roll-A-Ramp® Ramp Length Calculator

Roll-A-Ramp® Ramp Weights and Dimensions

Part Numbers

Part No. Ramp Length Part No. Ramp Length Part No. Ramp Length
A13602A19 3' x 36" A13608A19 9' x 36" A13614A19 *15' x 36"
A13603A19 4' x 36" A13609A19 10' x 36" A13615A19 *16' x 36"
A13604A19 5' x 36" A13610A19 *11' x 36" A13616A19 *17' x 36"
A13605A19 6' x 36" A13611A19 *12' x 36" A13617A19 *18' x 36"
A13606A19 7' x 36" A13612A19 *13' x 36" A13618A19 *19' x 36"
A13607A19 8' x 36" A13613A19 *14' x 36" A13619A19 *20' x 36"
* Support Stands required at these lengths        

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